Organic vs. Paid Search Traffic: Which is Better?

You’ve spent major dollars and hours to get your new website running, what do you want next? Traffic!

As a savvy marketer, you know that the three most important traffic sources are: search engine, direct, and referral traffic. To obtain more search engine traffic, you can employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns to generate organic traffic, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for paid traffic.

The question is: which is better? More


Conversion Optimization: Best Practices of Thank-you Pages

Your potential customer goes through a lot to find you among your competitors. Once they land on your website, they then navigate through a host of pages and information, and eventually — hopefully — fill out a form requesting more information. Congratulations, you’ve just earned a lead! Now is the time to connect with that person even further by saying “thank you.”

A “thank-you” page is an integral part of conversion optimization. This is the page for Goal Tracking and the final Goal Funnel step in Google Analytics. It’s also the place to add conversion tracking codes for Google AdWords. More

Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in China

With the growing speed of globalization, more and more U.S. businesses are expanding abroad. The Chinese market presents many unprecedented opportunities. However, the potential challenges and risks of doing business in China also threaten to chase U.S. businesses away.

This blog provides insight on the challenges and opportunities of doing business in China. It also reveals the fastest-growing business sectors in the world’s most populous country. More

Maximize Your Search-Engine and Social-Media Marketing

Search-engine and social-media marketing are two important aspects of Unified Marketing approach.

Search-engine marketing increases the visibility of websites on search-engine result pages through the use of search-engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). SEO improves the website’s organic-search ranking, with tactics such as onsite optimization, link building, and content promotion. PPC delivers advertisements on search engines that are linked to the website. More

How B2B Companies Can Use Foursquare for Marketing and Advertising

Foursquare, launched in 2009, is a hot mobile social media platform self-described as a “friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game that rewards you for doing interesting things.”

So far Foursquare has been very successful with

  • Individual users
  • Media outlets, such as The New York Times and The History Channel
  • B2C companies, like Starbucks and McDonald’s


Poll Results: It’s Official! Gordon Brown Will Win the 2010 UK General Election

The UK General Election is tomorrow – May 6. Are you ready? Will Gordon Brown from the governing Labour Party secure a 4th consecutive term in office? Will the Conservative Party grab the most votes and gain a dominant position? Or will the Liberal Democrats hold the balance of power and form a hung parliament?

How to Find and Fix Broken Links on Your Website

If you have a website, I’m sure you’ve put a lot of hard work and long hours into making it a valuable resource for your visitors. But if your links aren’t working, it can derail all of your hard work. Broken links on your website can be harmful in two ways:

  • They make for a bad user experience – When users click on links and reach dead-end 404 errors, they get frustrated and may never return.
  • They devalue your SEO efforts – Broken links restrict the flow of link equity throughout your site, which impacts rankings negatively.


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