A brief introduction of myself

Hello everybody,

I’m very happy to start a new blog at WordPress to showcase my work and build my portfolio.

I went to Emerson College for graduate school, and major in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising (GMCA). It’s a one year intense program and I’ve taken courses of Marketing Management in a Global Environment, Global Brand Management, Research Methods for Global Marketing, Cultural Foundations of Buyer and Organizational Behavior, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Global Marketing Communications Planning, Web-based Communications Strategies, Financial and Strategic Context Global Marketing, Global Marketing Communications Capstone, and Summer Internship. I’ve participated in many group projects, individual projects, case studies, and presentations, which I will showcase in the coming blogs.

I started my first internship in US during the second semester of graduate school, with busy school work as still. I worked as a Global Blog Analyst at Global Post, and worked there for three semesters, or one year in total. I did a lot of research on blogs on different countries & regions and on different themes. I also commented on blogs and presented the good points of bad points of certain blogs. Here I gained a great understanding of blogs, and have always wanted to start my own blog. This experience also laid good foundation for writing blog posts for other companies that I work at.

Later I worked at three different marketing communications agencies and a non-profit organization, where my experience focused on public relations and later I dig deeper into social media – the hottest topic of time. With these experience, I not only get a better understanding of public relations practice in US, but greatly improved my writing skills, especially writing in English. Meanwhile, I also had some hands-on experience in marketing research, event planning, viral marketing campaign, among others.

Most recently I work in the marketing department of a software company, a provider of SEO/PPC Keyword Research Tools. There was a long story before I started learning and working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I like it since day one. I’m very happy to get more experience in search marketing, a different aspect, or a niche market of marketing communications. Only want to say that marketing communications has so many sub-categories, and integrated marketing communications is the trend, I want to learn continuously to enrich and update myself with the best industry practices.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m very happy to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to comment on my blog and share your opinions!


Never Ever Stop Learning


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