4 Reasons You Should Setup a Facebook Fan Page

Brands are stepping up their social media marketing, particularly on Facebook, and a lot of people have been asking — “Does it make sense for us to setup a Facebook fan page?” So I have decided to further explore that question, and to examine the business benefits of creating a Facebook fan page. Here’s how three strong brands (and one little known brand with no budget) have catapulted in their industries through the use of Facebook fan pages.

The New England Patriots Facebook Fan Page offers hard-core Pats fans the opportunity to join team-related discussions, and stay up to date on highly anticipated games and events through a team calendar. Users can also take advantage of interactive features by sending virtual Patriots gifts to their friends, answering the Patriots Poll, and participating in Fantasy Forecasts. The Pats’ social network presence enables them to connect users who are already congregating on Facebook, and to capture another audience demographic. Smart social media marketing strategy? I think so.

Spending only $11,000 to produce the movie “Paranormal Activity,” Paramount Pictures generated more online buzz than the upcoming “Twilight” sequel “New Moon.” Instead of using a conventional trailer, Paramount opted to make a short clip that showed early viewer reaction to test screenings. With virtually no marketing budget, the movie became abuzz through word-of-mouth and college town tweeters. So, the producer launched ParanormalMovie.com, where thrill-seekers demanded local movie theater owners screen the movie. Once 1,000,000 demands were made, the movie opened across the country. The “Paranormal Activity” Facebook Fan Page was a key part of that success, enabling fans to purchase tickets, compare haunting reactions with other moviegoers, as well as recommend the movie to their own social networks. Following 2-weeks of nationwide midnight only sellouts and fan frenzy over the limited release hit thriller, “Paranormal Activity” earned Paramount $7.1 million in its opening weekend, showing in just 200 theaters.

Coke lovers Dusty and Michael were thirsting for a Coca Cola Fan Page, so they created their own. The page was such a hit that Coke’s director of worldwide interactive marketing contacted them, and assigned a team of employees with the task of monitoring the page, along with supporting and enhancing the page without intruding on fans. Here’s how Coke shares their Facebook marketing experiences: (1) Facebook is a particularly useful tool if your product or service has an emotional appeal to it. (2) The secret is to let the Facebook fans do the talking. (3) Facebook isn’t a marketer’s silver bullet, it’s simply an accessory in the marketer’s toolbox. Coke’s strategy seems to be working; their fan page has now hit 3.7 million!

And what would Facebook be without its own Facebook Fan Page for self-promotion? Not to be outdone by Coca-Cola, the page currently has an impressive 5.4 million fans to date.

As more brands catch on to the power of Facebook marketing, we’re likely to see a lot more of these fan pages cropping up. Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not just for college students. These specialized pages offer a ton of business benefits, including the chance to build an online community that is driven by your customers, where you can reach out and communicate with an entirely new online audience. Fan page creation can also help your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Publishing back links to your page, and placing your organization’s name in the title can provide quite a boost in search engine rankings. Finally, the best part of the Facebook fan page…it’s free. Are you ready?

Photo credit: Google Image

* Original post appears on Spotlight Communications website


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